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Partnering with Stabilus in Ireland, North and South, T Cole & Son are distributors of gas springs and hydraulic vibration dampers.

These products optimise opening, closing, lifting, lowering, dampening and adjusting actions.

Gas springs and hydraulic vibration dampers are used in a variety of sectors. Examples include furniture, building as well as in medical and rehab technology.

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Why Choose Stabilus?

The standardised design of Stablius machines and continuous statistical process and parameter control will ensure a uniform quality standard. Regardless of whether a product is made in the USA, Mexico, China or Germany. Stablius test their series production products on their own test rigs to guarantee you the same high quality standard.

The STABILUS Center of Competence ensures quality – at all their locations, 24/7. On call day and night, their experts will quickly and competently fix any manufacturing problems by remote diagnostics or remote data transfer.