Locks, Handles, Hinges

T. Cole & Son specialise in the sale of locks, handles, hinges, gasketing, stays, rod sets, gas springs, dampers & accessories. We are the Official Irish Distributor of the full range of Stabilus Gas Springs and Dampers, which we can supply in any size or specification to meet your needs.

After taking on board many customer requests, we also distribute a massive range of products from our leading edge suppliers to compliment our Stabilus Range, all from our 3000 Sq Ft premises in Carrickfergus.

We offer full local customer support, with account management and re-order capabilities along with stock holding to suit customer needs.

Vendors & Logistics

We offer a range of products from the world’s leading manufacturers for Locks, Handles, Hinges, Gasketing and Accessories, with products from major vendors such as Lowe & Fletcher, EMKA, Weston Body Hardware, Stabilus, Dirak, and Pinet.We aim to provide the right product for your application for “On-time” delivery. Our comprehensive warehouse is managed by our dedicated team of advisors, and we can assure you of the best …

Best Quality Best Service Best Continuity.

T. Cole & Son’s Locks , Handles, Hinges & Accessories Catalogue:

Design, Manufacture & Assembly Services

T. Cole & Son have been supplying products and services for specific and niche markets for over 18 years, with customers from engineering manufacturers to major retail brands. We offer full design and modification services for most applications using products we sell. We can provide a wide range of manufacturing requirements at amazingly competitive rates. We pride ourselves on being able to offer customers a first class Local service

As with all pro-active companies we are continually upgrading both our supplies and suppliers. If you have a request for a product not listed please ASK, and we will do our utmost to fulfil your requirements.

Stocking.. of products to suit customer’s standing orders thus maintaining on-time deliveries.

T. Cole & Son WILL stock in accordance with your requirements, unlike many other supplier and manufacturers.

“One Stop Shop” – We can supply products from many manufacturers providing a convenient “one stop shop” reducing your administration costs, simplifying the procurement process and increasing your purchasing power.

Modifying or hybridising existing products to suit customers’ requirements.

Manufacturing.. new products to customers’ specifications.

Deliveries.. on time to suit your needs.