Vehicle Parts

Do you need new Vehicle Gas Struts?

Are you getting the Original Equipment Specification from you supplier?

Are all Gas Springs the same? NO!

If you are not being supplied Stabilus… it is not the Original Equipment Specification. Stabilus are the world’s leading OEM Supplier to the majority of the worlds Vehicles, from Agricultural, to Passenger Cars and everything in between.

Stabilus currently manufacture Gas Springs used in:

  • Tractors
  • Farm Machinery
  • Buses / Coaches
  • Boats
  • Trailers
  • Caravans / Motorhomes
  • and most Passenger car Brands

Why Insist on Stabilus?

The designers of the above vehicles spend many hours working with Stabilus to get the correct Gas Spring for their application, including many special features to help achieve the best solution and performance for their Vehicle.

At T. Cole & Son – Stabilus in Ireland we supply the Stabilus OEM Equivalent part for your vehicle, incorporating all the original “Special Features” and ensuring your new Gas Spring performs the same as when your vehicle was new. Fitting an alternative Gas Spring without the original “Features”, can cause premature wear or failure to other parts.

Whatever your vehicle T. Cole & Son-Stabilus can supply the Original Equipment Specification parts to replace your worn Gas Springs direct from the Stabilus Factory in Germany. Made to the same specifications that your vehicle manufacturer intended.

You can use the Stabilus Part Search to find the part you are looking for or contact us now! Call us on 0044 2893 360844

T. Cole & Son-Stabilus guarantee that the Gas Springs we supply will be the same specification as originally fitted to your vehicle.